Geneva Policy Outlook 2024

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Human rights and war

The time has come for a serious discussion about war and human rights. Andrew Clapham highlights the role of human rights to set out the obligations of parties to the conflicts and how human rights can be an additional instrument to protect civilians in times of war.

GPO 2024
Weaponising water in Gaza

This article looks at the war in Gaza through the lens of water. The authors highlight how the fluid nature of water emphasises the importance of territorial sharing mechanisms, and make a case for working towards a special protection of water systems in the rules of war.

GPO 2024
The quest for peace in Ukraine

In the midst of Russia’s war on Ukraine, there have been numerous peacemaking, humanitarian, and reconstruction initiatives. Fred Tanner reviews International Geneva’s role in these efforts and argues for a more multilateral and effective approach to conflict management and multi-track diplomacy.

GPO 2024