Geneva Policy Outlook 2023

Table of Contents


Editorial: The Geneva Policy Outlook 2023
By Achim Wennmann

The imperative of courage for sustainability and inclusion
By Marie-Laure Salles

Advancing multilateral negotiations on global challenges

Determining the course of a global pandemic treaty
By Suerie Moon

Biological Weapons Convention negotiations
By James Revill and Manon Blancafort

Can 2023 break the deadlock on lethal autonomous weapons systems?
By Giacomo Persi Paoli

Acting on the new Global Biodiversity Framework
By Sonia Peña Moreno

Walking the talk of environmental migration in 2023
By Manuel Marques Pereira and Ileana Sinziana Puscas

Reforming the reform debate at the WTO
By Dmitry Grozoubinski

Reinventing diplomacy for a multiplex world

New spaces of diplomacy for a complex world
By Peter Maurer and Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou

Dissolving tensions through water-peace diplomacy
By Mark Zeitoun, Christian Bréthaut and Caroline Pellaton

Discreetly tackling climate action through Earth Diplomacy
By Gabriel Gomes Couto

Will making money follow impact in sustainable investing?
By Dawid Bastiat-Jarosz

Transforming agrifood systems one grain at a time
By Dominique Burgeon

Learning Geneva: A platform for planetary human(e) development in the making?
By Eunsoo Lee and Moira V. Faul

Managing the consequences of war

Global economic warfare needs new rules
By Hugo Slim

Ecumenical peacebuilding: Collision or convergence in Ukraine?
By Peter Prove

Preparing for the impact of technological evolutions

Hacked: Cybersecurity in the humanitarian sector
By Balthasar Staehelin

Responsibly mining the “New Gold”
By Anne-Marie Buzatu

Beyond Techno-solutionism and silver bullets
By Jérôme Duberry

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