Geneva Policy Outlook 2024

Table of Contents


Editorial: The Geneva Policy Outlook 2024
By Achim Wennmann

Diplomacy in times of shifting constellations

Reversing the decline of diplomacy
By David Harland

BRICS: Towards a new era of global governance
By Jamil Chade

Countering gender trade-offs in multilateral negotiations
By Claire Somerville

Advancing multilateral negotiations

Towards better rules to govern pandemics
By Suerie Moon

Reimagining the World Trade Organisation: A blueprint for sustainable trade
By Daniel C. Esty, Trevor Sutton, Joel Trachtman, and Jan Yves Remy

The lay of the stars: Space security today
By Ching Wei Sooi 

The variable geometry of AI governance
By Roxana Radu

Responses to war

Human rights and war
By Andrew Clapham

Weaponising water in Gaza
By Mark Zeitoun, Natasha Carmi, Laura Turley, Mara Tignino

The quest for peace in Ukraine
By Fred Tanner

Towards a new multilateralism? 

Towards a new multilateralism: Lessons from the Global Refugee Forum
By Filippo Grandi

City diplomacy in action: The Forum of Mayors
By Paola Deda 

Aligning for tomorrow: Capital flows, sustainability and circularity
By Marie-Laure Schaufelberger

Technology startups for global impact: How Geneva can cultivate new talent and industries
By Christopher Fabian

Questions for 2024
By Gabriel Gomes Couto, Swetha Ramachandran, Léna Rieder-Menge, Achim Wennmann and Xinyu Yuan

All publications of the Geneva Policy Outlook 2024 are personal contributions from the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the institutions they represent, nor the views of the Republic and State of Geneva, the City of Geneva, the Fondation pour Genève, and Geneva Graduate Institute.